★ ★ ★ ★ The next generation of offbeat comedy gold. – To Do List

★ ★ ★ ★ Intensely likeable and at the same time utterly terrifying, I have no idea what I watched but I loved it. – LondonPubTheatres

It’s easy to list what he does, but impossible to explain, which is the delight of a genuinely surreal routine packed with odd ideas and delivered with noise and intensity.                           – Steve Bennett (Chortle)

Totally refreshing hilarious powerful performance. – Specialist Subject

Sheer Genius – Pop up Poetry

The Second half was kicked off with a huge bang with the introduction of the ‘Oh Standfast’ bringing a unique armory of comedy,poetry, town crying for the audiences delight. – Laughter’s the best Tonic

His punchlines were crisp and had the audience laughing all the way through. The mans dynamic stage presence kept everyone lively and hooked! – Underachievers

Oh Standfast’s capacity for taking a verbal red highlighter to the contradictions, mores and idiocies of modern day living is never better expressed than in the form of apoplectic rage – be it whispered through teeth, blown off froth-ridden lips or screamed from the stomach up. THEME PARK

An observational poet, his confrontational style put us in mind of the cult Simon Munnery character Alan Parker Urban Warrior. They are both the type of people whose idea of smashing the system would be to down a can of shandy under a “no drinking” sign. – Views from the gods

East London’s funniest performance poet – Speaky Spokey

Laugh a minute urban poet – Heart & Lung Unit

You done poem good @standfasttweet – Lauren Laverne (6music)

Oh Standfast’s delivery reminded me somewhat of the Wizard of Skill. Short phrases, repetition and shouting made the randomness and mundanity almost absurd, with a mildly threatening undercurrent in the refrain (“check you out with your…”), which was received with laughter. – Sabotage


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